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Our key goal with new horses in training are gaining respect, teaching a horse to have a willing impulsion and helping a horse master flex and collection.
Horses are individuals and learn and excel at different speeds. Some come along quick while others might not have the maturity or experience to mentally respond in the desired fashion to a task or request. Taking this into consideration we do not push a horse beyond it's capabilities. A solid foundation takes time, preparation and precision.
There are many different ways to address each problem you might come across with your horse, but our responsibility as trainers is to decide which techniques would be the most successful for each individual horse.
 The training we offer focuses on respect and understanding between horse and rider.
Training Fee: Barrel Racing $1440/month
All others: $800/month. Includes board
*All horses entering training @ CCRR must have their feet in good condition, wormed within 30 days and teeth floated within a year, so as to not interfere with their training process.
"When behavior problems dismounted me and forced me to consider selling my horse, I was heartbroken. We had struggled with disrespect issues on and off for over two years, and he was too much for me to handle.  As a team, we were lost.
I brought my horse to Cross Creek and asked Vana to put 30 days on him. The results have been miraculous.  She and Ed work with consistency, patience and sheer passion for helping horses and their owners. Before the month was out, I was taking lessons on the horse I had been unable to ride for over a year.  Six weeks out of training and we are learning together, growing more confident as a team, and even riding unsupervised!
Vana and Ed gave my horse a job, a new purpose, and the focus he needed to be a trustworthy partner.  They gave me my boy back, and I am forever grateful for their commitment to helping us both move forward."
Paula Shannon
"Having trouble communicating with your horse?  Getting frustrated? Take some lessons with Ed & Vana at Cross Creek Rodeo Ranch. They will help you by using their decades of experience. Not only can they communicate well with your horse, but they will be able to fully explain to you what problems they are seeing, why it's happening, and how to resolve it. They present the issues in a very logical manner. They'll also make it fun. I've watched an adult friend who was unable to ride her horse for two years but is now riding him after having Ed & Vana train him. I'm happy to see my friend enjoying every minute with her horse. I can  not say enough good things about Ed & Vana."
Dianne Long
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