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Horse Evaluations. . .
Considering buying a new horse? Having problems with your existing horse? Not sure if its you or the horse causing the problem? Do you wonder if your horse knows as much as you were told by the seller? Let CCRR evaluate your horse for you.
Our evaluations consist of looking at the overall horse regarding their health, manners, tolerance, training and temperament. Making sure all your tack fits your horse correctly. While riding, we will assess what training your horse has or has not had, his temperament and willingness to learn and to respond to cues
Evaluation @ CCRR $55
Evaluation on location $75(within 30 miles of CCRR; $1/mile over 30)
Ed working a client's horse.
"Thank you, Vana! I really enjoyed meeting you & Ed and you working with me and Hollywood. You guys came highly recommended. I felt better on Hollywood today than I have in the last year. I learned alot of new things today. I love to hear how real horse people think.
Thank you again for today and look forward to the next time,"
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